2018-01-11 / People

Leathersville News

By Mrs. William Bentley

l Mary Danner, William and I attended Olivia Cooper’s seventh birthday celebration on Saturday, December 23. Her birthday is December 24, her parents are Derek and Erin Cooper and her grandparents are Raymond and Elaine Timmerman. Also present for the occasion were her other grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cooper from Florida, Mrs. Janie Perkins and Mrs. Martha Cooper from Waynesboro, all of her kin­dergarten group, Derek’s mother, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Fincher, and Ryan Timmerman. l Our guests on Christmas day were, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Ma­haffey, Ethan Mahaffey and friend, Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Timmerman, Ryan Timmerman, and Mr. and Mrs. Derek Cooper and Olivia. Anne and Al Wright were in Macon with Haley’s fam­ily. They all called to wish us a merry Christmas. Jonathan and Brandi Wright also called from Pennsylvania. l Brad Rogers and Nobie Dean Hawes visited on Thursday. So good to have good friends to visit. l Mikey and Murray Norman visited Friday afternoon. So nice to have friends to visit. l Brenda and Franklin Bowick visited Friday afternoon. Wonder­ful to have friends to visit. l Anne Wright, Haley Dumpe, Grayson, Reese and Noah brought lunch on Saturday. We enjoyed our lunch and their visit. So good to have them close enough to visit. l Chuck and Lisa Mahaffey and Jordan Cliatt visited Saturday and took down the Christmas decora­tions and put them away. So good to have family to help. l Nancy Bailey had a very good Christmas with her family in Du­luth. l Kenneth and Donna Abel had Christmas with their daughter, Pam Watson. Preston Jewel, Tim and Pam Abel from Guyton, Joshua Rice, Mikey Rice, and Ross Rice were also present. l Bernice and Ed Cox visited with us Sunday afternoon. Sure is nice to see family and know that they care enough to visit. l Erick Cliatt and Erin Shehadeh spent a few days with Marion and Hilda Cliatt. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt at­tended Marion’s family reunion at Winfield on Sunday. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt spent Christmas with Clifton, Donna and Brooke Berry. Mrs. Margie Berry and Chris Berry were also in at­tendance. l Audrey and Ronald Crump’s Christmas guests were Missy and children, Aubrey and Susan, Ann and Wayne Crump. They all en­joyed being together. l Jan Smalley had all of her fam­ily for Christmas. Everyone had a real good time together. l Mary Danner, Mrs. Mary Duke and Mary’s granddaughter, Kenne­dy Danner, visited us Monday. We are always glad to see friends. l Raymond and Elaine Timmer­man and Ryan brought lunch on Tuesday. We enjoyed our lunch and their visit. Always glad to see and visit with family. l Murray and Mickey Norman and Andy Norman visited Tuesday afternoon. Wonderful to have good friends to visit. l Anne Wright brought lunch on Wednesday. We enjoyed our lunch and her visit. Our children are so good to us. We love all of them. l Lisa Mahaffey came Saturday and helped with some business. So nice to have family to help. l My sister, Jane Young, and her daughter, Nancy Hanosack from McCormick, visited Saturday af­ternoon. So good to see family and to know that they care enough to visit. l Pam Watson and Preston Jewel visited with Kenneth and Donna Abel on Sunday. l Marion and Hilda Cliatt met their daughter, Donna, and grand­daughter, Brooke Berry, for lunch one day the past week. l Kenneth Smalley, Barbara Kennedy, Judy Whitener, Jane Young, and Nancy Hanosack have been visitors of Jan Smalley and Kerry Whitener.

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