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Move from LCMS campus to LCHS continues to proceed at rapid pace

Becky Rice, a special education teacher at LCMS, is busy getting settled in her new classroom on the LCHS campus. The signage for the new school will be in place within the next two weeks. Becky Rice, a special education teacher at LCMS, is busy getting settled in her new classroom on the LCHS campus. The signage for the new school will be in place within the next two weeks. Elementary and middle school students in Lincoln County will be returning to schools that look very different from the ones they left in May.

Over the summer, several facility projects will be completed before the students arrive in August.

Once the Lincoln County Board of Education decided to relocate the middle school to the high school campus, beginning with the 2013- 2014 school year, plans were immediately put in place for moving the school. In fact, middle school teachers began to pack up classrooms the same day the decision to move the middle school was finalized.

Within days of the decision, the custodial staff from both LCMS and LCHS joined together to move the high school furniture out of the two wings that were to become the middle school.

With the exception of a few finishing touches, Faith Hill’s business lab stands ready to welcome LCMS students to their new school in August. With the exception of a few finishing touches, Faith Hill’s business lab stands ready to welcome LCMS students to their new school in August. After the custodians stripped and waxed all of the middle school classrooms, the staff, with assistance from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office’s Community Service Program, began moving the student desks from LCMS into the new classrooms on Charles Ward Elam Street.

As for the teachers, the majority of middle school teachers will be able to use new desks that were previously purchased.

Also during this time, members of the technology staff began dismantling the classroom computers and Smartboards.

Presently, all sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade classrooms have student and teacher desks, file cabinets, and storage cabinets.

“I am extremely proud of our custodians, who have done a tremendous amount of work in such a short time,” said Dr. Jeff Carney, superintendent of Lincoln County Schools.

“It is absolutely amazing to see it come together so quickly. Our middle school students will be in awe of the new facility.”

Except for the Smartboards and computers, the classrooms are ready for the first day of school.

Currently, the technology staff is busy placing a teacher computer and four student computers in each classroom. Plans are to begin installing Smartboards in every room in early July.

In his remarks, Dr. Brian Campbell, assistant superintendent for instruction, said, “The technology department had all of the technology equipment moved out of the old middle school, cleaned, and stored at the new middle school within two weeks of the board’s decision to relocate the middle school.

“Guy McDeavitt (head of the technology department) and Jeffrey Jones (systems analyst) have worked tirelessly to make sure that teachers and students arrive at the new middle school with all of the technology up and running.”

The new middle school will have its own entrance, designated as such by signage identical to that of the high school.

According to Superintendent Carney, the lettering for the entrance to the middle school, which will be located over the entrance to the gymnasium, is expected to be in place within the next two weeks.

Plans are for the middle school’s main office to be situated on the left-hand side of the gym. Two classrooms are being converted into a front office, two administrative offices, and a conference room.

Parents and students will enter the middle school’s front or main office through a new door that will be placed in the lobby. The front office will have several windows so that office personnel can monitor the activity in the lobby.

Moreover, cabinetry is being installed inside the front office to provide workspace for school secretaries and mailboxes for teachers.

The second classroom will be transformed into offices for the principal and assistant principal. The two administrative offices are to be connected to a conference room that is also part of the second classroom.

In addition, LCMS teachers will have their own teacher workroom, which is located on one of the middle school hallways. The workroom will house a copier, a telephone, teacher restrooms, storage, and teacher work stations with computers.

Other plans call for a large classroom, situated at the back entrance to the middle school wings, to be converted into the middle school counselor’s office. The new office will have the space needed for a career center, student computers, conference tables, and a Smartboard for group sessions.

In the near future, Principal Pam Carmichael and Patty Arthur, assistant principal, will host gradelevel orientation sessions that will give students and their parents an opportunity to tour the new school and become familiar with the layout of the facility.

Students will be receiving a letter from the middle school in early July containing more information about the grade-level orientations.

“The move is rapidly progressing, and it’s exciting being in a new school,” said Principal Carmichael. “The teachers have already started setting up their classrooms, and they are excited about a new beginning for LCMS. We will be ready to roll on August 8.”

Likewise, the elementary school will look very different when students arrive in August.

The front office has new carpet and tile as well as newly painted walls and a refurbished counter where visitors can sign in.

However, the biggest change at the elementary school will be the newly painted walls in all of the hallways and the cafeteria. The primary color of the walls will be the same white as that found at LCHS and will serve to brighten up the entire school.

The secondary colors are Calypso Blue, Daisy Yellow, and Outrageous Green, which represent a significant change from the color of the current walls.

The classrooms and the media center are scheduled to be repainted next summer.

Although the media center will have to wait for a new coat of paint, it will still be updated this summer, with the new tables and chairs that became available when the middle school moved to the high school campus.

Also, the three old maintenance buildings behind the elementary school have been demolished and removed, which will give students more room to play. Grass has been planted, and the area will be ready for the children when they return to school.

Other plans include:

(1) At least 10 of the old airconditioning units will be replaced so that students and teachers can remain comfortable during the school year.

(2) The administrators at LCES are working with the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) to update the landscaping around the school.

(3) The school will refurbish some of the playground equipment for the students.

In her remarks, Jeana Aycock, the new principal of LCES, said, “We can’t wait for the students, teachers, and parents to see all of the hard work that has been taking place at the elementary school this summer. Our goal is to make the building a child-friendly environment, where our students are excited about learning.

“The upgrades at LCES are a direct reflection of our efforts to improve student achievement and increase our students’ desire to learn,” stated the principal.

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